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5 Things Not Necessarily Included in Your Home Purchase

In South Jersey upstate, a buyer of a historic Victorian home was attracted to an ancient mirror in the hallway. If you look at the mirror, it appears as if it was exactly made to fit the space in the wall. Moreover, the frame complimented the rest of the woodwork. “I cannot imagine this mirror out of the wall. It is so large”.

However, immediately she purchased the house and went inside it, the mirror disappeared. The only things that were left behind were the wall paper that looked old and discolored, and a number of holes in the wall. When the buyer asked the seller, she was told that the mirror was a personal item and there was no way it could be left behind.

It is a common thing to experience such kind of a scenario in this daily life. It has not been established clearly as far as the real estate transactions are concerned whether it is right or wrong to remove a personal property. There are contracts that state what you need to leave behind for the buyer while others are irrelevant.

Always put in mind that not every item that you see in the property came with the house. If you are interested in purchasing a home with something interesting in particular, it is a good idea that you speak of it very early. Write down your request in order to avoid disappointing anyone when the transaction is over.

Below are 5 common things that are either mostly not covered or overlooked in real estate deal. They are prone to an argument.

Personal Property

If it is a large mirror or drapes as mentioned earlier on, the house seller probably might have a piece of work that fits into the space at the wall or a specialty light fixture. Alternatively, there may be furniture that can complete the void when no one can think of what can fill that gap.  Remember, these items are individually owned, and the retailer may decide not to let them go with the house even if the buyer insists. It is good to presume that individual properties e.g. furniture and beds will not be owned by the new person buying the home.


In all markets, there are customs and norms. That makes it important in working with a local real estate agent that understands fully the out and in. You will be surprised to discover that it is not a normality to include every basic household appliances e.g. dishwasher or refrigerator plus the property.

Window Coverings

These are other items that result in some unpleasant email exchanges after a business transaction. In about all markets, the new owner remains with the curtains. If there is nowhere that it is written or you have heard that the seller needs to go with the drapes or shades, ask for the whereabouts of the window coverings in writings.

Mounting Materials & Flat Screen TVs

If you are a buyer, it is not a must that the TV will remain back in the wall unit for you. Negotiate with the seller to know if you’ll possess it.

Bath Hardware or Kitchen

About all hardware are usually transferred to the new home owner.

Above is a list of the things that can be transferred and those that cannot be transferred to the new owner of the home by the seller. Study it carefully to understand. It will help you when buying a house.

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